2020 Interline Sales Marketing Conference

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“Passport to Profits” Maximizing Network Results

“Passport to Profits” Maximizing Network Results

“Passport to Profits” Maximizing Network Results“Passport to Profits” Maximizing Network Results

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So, what is interline?

Interlining is the process that permits a customer to purchase transportation on multiple airlines with a single ticket.  Procedures and agreements facilitate the smooth transfer of passengers and baggage between airlines, along with data exchange and settlement.  Interlining is the foundation upon which more advanced types of cooperation are built, such as joint fares, alliances, code-sharing, and through check-in. Interlining is a critical necessity in the air transportation industry.  Air travel is the only mode of transportation that is capable of connecting any 2 cities on Earth.  However, there are far more “city pairs” that are linked by connecting flights than those that are served non-stop.  While many city pairs are served with connections on the same airline (online connections), no single airline is capable of connecting every city worldwide.  The solution?  Interlining! 

Interlining allows a customer to purchase a single ticket from Mobile, Alabama to Livingstone, Zambia.  This type of cooperation is what truly opens the world for business.  From the airlines’ perspective, interlining is a solid source of incremental revenue, as it fills otherwise empty seats with connecting customers from other airlines.   Interline connections create enormous sales and marketing opportunities permitting even the smallest carriers to sell connecting transportation to nearly any part of the world.  Interlining also creates opportunities for tremendous employee benefits offered through staff travel agreements.