2020 Interline Sales Marketing Conference

ISMC - Interline Sales Manager Conference

“Passport to Profits” Maximizing Network Results

“Passport to Profits” Maximizing Network Results

“Passport to Profits” Maximizing Network Results“Passport to Profits” Maximizing Network Results“Passport to Profits” Maximizing Network Results

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About Us


About ISMC

The Interline Sales Marketing Conference is an annual meeting of airlines and industry trade organizations that are engaged or associated with the practice of connecting passengers between airlines.  The conference serves multiple purposes:

  • Facilitate interaction between managers who are responsible for interline development with the world's leading airlines 
  • Offer a forum for the exchange of ideas about effectively leveraging interline opportunities to increase revenue and decrease cost 
  • Educate attendees with a variety of industry experts who present the latest developments in interline related news, concepts, processes, and technology 



 Conference events are held annually in various cities around the world.  An airline is asked each year to “host” the conference. The host airline is responsible for coordinating the development, logistics, and implementation of the conference.  Assisting the host airline are representatives from other airlines who form the “board.”

ISMC is a not-for-profit membership-based organization. The annual events and associated administration are funded through membership dues, conference registration fees, and corporate sponsorship.  Conference leadership is not compensated, and serves on a voluntary basis. 



Conference attendance requires active membership to ISMC. Membership is open to air carriers providing scheduled or chartered transportation.   This means that a member airline has no limit to the number of employees who can attend.  

New membership is welcomed and encouraged!

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ISMC - Interline Sales Marketing Conference